Saturday, October 20, 2012

Realistic Grass Test

i am playing around with some grass textures, and some MIA shaders, ramps, and materials. So, here are some images that i have made to test the grass networks i have made

This is just maya's standered grass paint effect.
These is just a more zoomed out version of the one above. These two images have
the standered maya materials on them.
I converted the paint effect into polys and setup a mental ray
render base. This image is using the maya material

This image is using a single grass texture

This patch of grass is using the 9 different textures i have shown below
This image is using 4 different types of grass's: high, medium high,
medium low, and low styel of grassto give different levels of grass.

This image also has 4 different levels of grass the camera is just
panned out more.

The camera is just panned out even more.
I added lower more dead looking grass.
I added more grass and a texture with a normal map on the ground plane.
This is my final render i am going to do i think this looks really good.
These are the UV's that i used so that the grass would use the 9 different textures,
for a random color between the different grass blades.
9 different textures so the grass blades have a different look with them.

This is the network i made on the grass.

This is the dead grass texture that i used.

This is the ground plane texture that i used to fill the spots within the grass.

This is the normal map that i used for the ground plane.


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